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Educational Resources

This is the landing page for all educational resources. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or a student, there is something here for you! We offer lesson plans, extra practice worksheets, interactive activities, and more for grades K-6. We are looking to expand our resources to include grades 7-12 in the near future. Below, you can browse by need, grade level, and subject matter to find the resource that is perfect for you! 

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Who Are You?

To more quickly find what you are looking for, select the section that best fits your needs below.

Day School Teacher

Are you dealing with a challenging, busy schedule? Need innovative ideas to go with a lesson plan you just made? Need a creative lesson plan with an interactive activity for the new unit you are teaching? Find that and more under our Teacher LifeLine Section. Here are some of the things you can find in this section:

  • Lesson Plans 

  • Interactive Activites 

  • Book Pairings for Lesson Topics 

  • Differentiated Work Assignments

Mother and Child

Whether you are a homeschooling parent, a PTA parent, or just a parent who wants to have some extra practice for your child, our Parent Education Portal Page is the perfect resource for you! We are here to make helping your child with their education easy. Here are some things you can find in this section:

  • Practice Worksheets for Your Child 

  • Interactive Activities 

  • Educational Opportunities in and out of the House 

  • Educational Resources and Help for YOU 

Learning is Fun

Are you a student or searching on behalf of a student? Looking for extra practice or resources that help break things down? How about educational activities that actually make learning fun again? If this sounds like what you need, then our Student Study Buddy Page is the place for you! Here are some things you can find in this section:

  • Practice Worksheets 

  • In depth-explanations of complex topics 

  • Educational guiding videos 

  • Children's books that help teach both moral and educational lessons. 


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